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Channel 4 ‘Holidays Unpacked’ titles

Working with Locomotive Film, we created the titles and animated maps for Holidays Unpacked, a new travel show on Channel 4 that road tests up-and-coming travel destinations on a £1k budget.
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Holidays Unpacked Israel map (1200px)

Channel 4 Dispatches – ‘Is Britain Full?’ infographics

ITN asked us to create a set of light hearted and informative graphics for Channel 4’s Dispatches.
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Based around a simple balancing scales device, the graphics illustrate some of the key issues and concerns related to the population imbalance in the UK.Wordpress padding 474x15

Dispatches Britain Full GFX3 -2 (1200px)Wordpress padding 474x15Dispatches Britain Full GFX4 -1 (1200px)Wordpress padding 474x15Dispatches Britain Full GFX5 -2 (1200px)

Tricks of The Restaurant Trade – Season 3

Back for a third season, TOTRT returns with more tips on how to get the best dining experience for your money.Wordpress padding 474x15
Working with Betty, our graphics include a set of animated titles, bumper, stings and in-programme graphics.
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Channel 4 – Rio 2016 Paralympics ‘Superhuman’ social stories

The Superhumans return for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games on Channel 4.Wordpress padding 474x15
Reuniting with 4Creative, we produced a series of social media captions and subtitles as part of their stunning campaign that goes well beyond sport. Our task was to advance the social branding we first created for them nearly a year ago and reflect the Rio 2016 brand colours within the typography.Wordpress padding 474x15
The films we worked on included a series of 12 short Superhuman Stories and a set of adrenaline packed promos, featuring nostalgic moments from the 2012 Games in London.

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Channel 4 Twitter page

Channel 4 / Thanks 4 – Peep Show and Inbetweeners VRM’s

After launching the ‘Thanks 4’ rewards hub, the guys at Channel 4 wanted to post their rewards on social sites. Working closely with 4Creative we produced two fun, sharable trails for giveaways including Marks’s sofa from Peep Show, and Jay’s tshirt from the Inbetweeners 2 movie.

The bold typographic style allowed us to narrate both trails without the aid of audio and create lively, attention grabbing sequences.

Peep Show VRM frames
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Peep Show VRM frame12
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Inbetweeners tiled2 x4 1920x1097
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The Inbetweeners VRM frames
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The Inbetweeners VRM frame1
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Inbetweeners tiled x4 1920x1097
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Facebook page
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Peepshow_Inbetween Facebook page comp
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Peep Show VRM
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The Inbetweeners VRMWordpress padding 474x15

All 4 – Promo packaging

All 4 asked us to design and develop a new promo packaging solution that caters for trails which aren’t suited to the current ‘small screen’ format used throughout the network.

After numerous tests we settled on a combination of two distinct branded elements. An elegant central tagline featuring the device icons and caption, and a bespoke All 4 endboard branded individually for each network channel. Click here to read more.

E4, More4, Film4 and Channel 4 endboard variantsWordpress padding 474x15
All 4 packaging endboards x4 1920x1095
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Frames from ‘The Black Lesbian Diaries’ promoWordpress padding 474x15
All 4 packaging refresh tiled x6 1920x1664 new
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‘The Returned’ promo
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Channel 4 – Catastrophe, series 2 social elements

For the online promotion of Channel 4’s highly anticipated new series of Catastrophe, Pete&Tom were asked to create a number of elements for social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram amongst others. Taking a steer from 4creative’s press campaign, we adapted the style to create impactful and humorous trails, vines, listicals and memes.



Catastrophe Etiquette_Twitter

Catastrophe Baby_Twitter

Twitter page

Catastrophe Twitter page comp


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E4 – ‘Darren Does Halloween’ animated gifs

To help celebrate Halloween, E4 asked us to create a number of ghoulish gifs and short clips featuring Darren, of recent fame for switching off E4 during polling day. Shot by Jim Hayton at 4creative, we were supplied with green screen rushes which we edited, keyed and composited with spooky E4 branding. Happy Halloween everyone!




Channel 4 – ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ social trails and memes

Working with 4creative, Pete&Tom helped create promotional elements for Channel 4’s hit new series ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ as part of a broad campaign designed specifically for social media.

Trails made for broadcast are often played without sound when viewed on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so we devised a striking style of subtitling to tell the story without the aid of audio. The bold typographic style also reinforces the brand of the show and was carried through to a series of portraits providing a glimpse into the shrouded backgrounds and characters of the SAS staff.

Social trails

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SAS Twitter album post_Colin

SAS Twitter album post_Ant

SAS Twitter album post_Foxy

Twitter page

SAS Twitter page comp